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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yes that's right there my PJ bottoms, aren't they cute!
Hello my beauties and welcome to my blog!
Today my post is about TonyMolys I'm Real sheet masks. Recently I ordered them from Amazon and the price was amazing. They had an offer where you can buy 11 sheet masks for under £10, yup you read this right 11 masks for UNDER £10! I've always been interested by the Korean culture, their beauty cults are super, they have like the best skin - always flawless. And of course me being the beauty addict, I just had to try them. This was my first time I have tried sheet masks, usually I use wash off or peel masks so of course I was very excited. If you like me are beauty addict or just want to try different types of mask then you can buy your own set of TonyMoly masks here

As you can see they give you 11 different packs in random, all specialise in particular skin problems so you have plenty of choices here! I will go through each pack and explain what they are good for.
I'm Real Seaweed, I'm Real Lemon and I'm Real Makgeolli are brightening masks, they make dull dark skin bright and radiant -  perfect for if you have uneven skin tone or just want something to give you a glowing complexion.
I'm Real Tea Tree and I'm Real Rice are skin soothing and clearing masks. Particularly good for if you have blemishes and oily/combination skin.
I'm Real Pomegranate mask is for elasticity, it is perfect for firming your skin. 
I'm Real Broccoli mask is for vitality, it provides energy to tired and dull skin.
I'm Real Aloe mask is for moisturising, this is super nice and leaves your skin baby smooth.
I'm Real Tomato and I'm Real Avocado are nutrition masks. They are good if you want to achieve a glowing, radiant and soothing skin. 
As you can see it shows clear visual instruction how to wear sheet masks, the top part is in Korean but the best bit is the bottom part IT'S ENGLISH! how great is that! it tells you what the mask is good for, direction how to apply and the ingredient in the pack.
My View
Honestly I was really pleased with what I got for my money, like these would last ages as I like to wear masks once a week. I was quite sceptical about the flavour of each masks, like  thought of the broccoli pack would smell like broccoli and let's be honest they are good for you but the smell isn't so good, anyway I was surprised when I tried it on it didn't smell like broccoli it smelled like something fruity and floral almost like a perfume. The scent is very nice when I took it out and once I applied it on my face - here comes the horror selfie - it felt very cooling and calming like your body just automatically wants to relax. I usually cleanse my face and tone then apply the mask and chillax in front of the TV with the my latest addict "The Good Wife." It felt like you're on cloud 9, no worries or stress. After effect, it left me very moisturised, plumped and dewy I didn't feel like putting on my night cream as my face is already smooth and soft plus I'm always greasy, so just with the essence my skin felt amazing, like new.
I would definitely recommend this to everyone, there are so many for different skin types and problems you want to battle and what more the price is cheap and cheerful.
And here it is guys my thoughts on TonyMoly I'm Real sheet masks. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and I shall write again soon.
Stay Beautiful

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