My Morning Skincare Routine

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello my beauties today I'm going to share my morning skincare routine, it is simple, fast and effective. I follow 3 rules cleanse, tone and moisturize. If I do this then I know I will have a good routine that I can actually stick to in my busy mornings. I get up for work early so I really wanted something fast yet effective for my facial. I change my cleanser after a few months (tbh when the old one runs out lol) and I prefer scrubs rather than wash, my skin feels so much smoother and ready for a perfect application of makeup. St.ives is gentle for everyday use and It always smells nice, I don't get dry skin or break outs with this cleanser. I use toner like religiously, since I have oily skin I find toners really help with balancing my skin, I definitely see the dirt and grime left over from face wash and I feel really fresh. I tend to use toner for sensitive skin, I don't like products with strong alcohol so I always go for ones that are alcohol free. Garnier Simply essential is amazing, its like nothing yet its something it really gets the dusts and dirt left over, minimises my pores and doesn't over dry my skin. After cleanse and tone I go straight to moisturize, I like to use moisturisers with spf so I don't apply too much products on my face otherwise I end up a grease ball! Olay complete is perfect for me, it is suited for normal/oily skin and has spf, it is my perfect day wear moisturiser and it doesn't leave me shiny, sticky or greasy, it smells lovely and absorbs straight away. And this is my simple, fast routine, after this I apply my makeup and get ready for the day.
Thank you for reading, let me know if you want to know my evening skincare routine in the comments down below, it's very different from my morning routine (way more complicated lol)
Stay Beautiful,

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