Zoeva Smokey Palette Review

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my blog. Today I will review the Zoeva Smokey Palette. I bought this as a treat to myself as well as other bits and bobs and thought I would share my views on this palette.
Zoeva's information
The Zoeva Smokey palette is the ideal color composition for adventurous smokey eyes and sultry, seductive eye makeup. It is:
  • Ultra micronized eye shadow formula
  • Luxuriously pigmented and easy to blend
  • Dark midnight shades for intense Smokey eye makeup
  • 10 eye shadows in Matte/Pearl/Metallic finish

No parables/ No mineral oils/ No fragrances/ No phthalates/ Superior pigmentation/ Easy to blend/ Vitamin E/ Made in Italy.

The colors and finish
Top row:
Relieve the Moon- Creamy beige pearl with matte finish. Perfect base for the eyes and can be used to set concealer.
Sleep to Dream- A cool toned medium light grey taupe shade with a purple undertone. Matte finish.
Soul Searching- Bright bronzy taupe, perfect for warm eye makeup. Metallic finish.
Sweet Smell- Medium-dark warm toned cinnamon shade. Matte finish.
Dark Edge- A rich warm khaki shade. Soft metallic finish.
Bottom row (all matte finish):
Dust and Memories- Medium cool toned dusty rose shade with grey undertones, amazing for a delicate look.
Smokey Wishes- Cool toned dark burgundy shade. Can be used as crease color.
Elegant Chaos- A cool toned aubergine (that's right a vegetable lol couldn't think of anything else to describe the colour). Satin matte finish.
Ashes to Ashes- A cool medium brown shade.
Real Light- True deep black.
All shades are very pigmented and has a buttery texture.
My Review
I absolutely love this palette! My pictures don't do it justice. I swatched the shades with my finger but if I used a brush like I was supposed to then the colour pay off would've been better. Also I'm quite tanned so you can't really see the lighter shades but! I swear by all my makeup collections the pigmentation is amazing. It's really bright and the black omg the black is the blackest I've ever seen in eye shadow palettes. The case is really attractive with the Smokey packaging and the size of each pan is like the size of 2pence, which is quite big compared to others. I can tell this palette will last with me and for the price it's very good. I wasn't looking for anything too expensive so I looked up Zoeva brand and came across this, it was under £20 and BOOM! I added it to my basket. It was worth it. This is a great dupe for the Urban Decay Smokey palette which is much more expensive, the shades are almost exactly the same. It applies really well, very smooth and buttery and blends like magic. You can create the perfect Smokey look with this palette and might I add, the names of each shades are to die for!!! Whoever thought of the names must be so creative, it sounds so mystic and magical e.g. Real light is named for the black shade, how cool is that??! It doesn't crease or fade and last for long time, definitely a tick for long wear occasions.
Retail at £17.50 on www.zoeva-shop.de/
  • Intense pigmentation
  • No creasing or fading
  • Last for 10 hours +
  • Dupe for Urban Decay Smokey palette
  • Cheaper than other high end brands
  • Easy to create any looks
  • Cardboard packaging
  • No mirror/brush
  • Only available online therefore shipping costs
That's it! I hope this gives you an idea about the Zoeva Smokey palette and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Stay Beautiful

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