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Sunday, March 13, 2016

 Hello beautiful people, today I would like to show you my perfume collection. This is not in any way to show off (puh-lease I'm so basic lol) This is to simply give my view on my collection so far and I hope you would enjoy reading this Blog.
I will divide the categories by high-street and brand perfumes to make it simpler for all of us.

Brand Perfumes


Calvin Klein IN2U 100ml

This is a massive sized bottle, the packaging is elegant and tall. I really like this perfume, it has a very feminine scent and lasts for ages.
It is floral with pink grapefruit, orchid, white cactus and a vanilla base.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue 100ml

I got this as a gift and I was really impressed with the scent of this. It is a very simple tall packaging but it holds so much! A little goes a long way with this one. I used this so many times. It has a fresh scent with combination of both floral and fruity base.
It comes under the fruity and floral family with apple, lemon, jasmine and white rose with base of cedar wood, amber and musk. 

DKNY Pure Rose 30ml

This is another gifted perfume (I know I'm so lucky) The packaging is so cute and yet elegant. It can easily fit in your handbag, which I did. This does not smell like granny fragrance btw, just because its rose we assume oh dear old peoples smell lol. But actually its very subtle and pure, its a nice touch if you don't want anything too strong.
This is floral base with Rose.

 Axis Pink Caviar 50ml

 I bought this from The Fragrance Shop on a sale, I was out with my friend and we was sampling perfumes (coz that's what we do). I didn't want anything too expensive at the time so I looked at their sale section and came across this one. The packaging is beautiful with little balls inside for decoration and its so feminine. It looks really nice with my collection.
 This is fruity with melon, peaches, orange blossoms and sweet plums (delicious!).

Gucci Guilty 30ml

I'm guilty, there I said it. This cost more than my other collections but its sooooo worth it. I'm actually nearly finished with this bottle and hoping to buy replacement. The scent is amazing people notice it on me even there like really far, "oooo what you got on, it smells lush." I'm quite p**** of though because my friends keep going for this bottle, I need stop being generous and hide this one. Sorry Gucci but you're just too good to share.
 This is oriental floral/fruity with mandarin, pink peppers and peach.


Amor Amor In a Flash 50ml

Gift alert yet again! I love this one, I spritz this one quite lot when I go to work. Packaging is petite but it hold a lot, I thought it was 30ml but when I looked at the base it says 50ml so there I was spritzing some more lol. This fits into my handbag too so its good for travel size and you don't have to fiddle with a lid because it doesn't have one! Yay!
This is another oriental fruity with mandarin, apricot, red apple and Yasmin petal with the base of vanilla, sandalwood and sweet caramel.
Phew! That's quite a lot in a tiny bottle.


Giorgio Armani Diamond 30ml

Shining bright like a diamond!
This is soooo pretty on my dressing table, its a bottle shaped like a diamond , it can't get any better lol. No lid another bonus tick tick. This is one of my more expensive range and I use this quite sparingly on special occasions. The scent is lovely and very feminine.
 It is of fruity and floral family with rose, litchi and raspberry.

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 100ml 

Absolutely beautiful packaging, tall and elegant with hues of purple color. This is my second CK, I couldn't help it there so nice and the price is reasonable. Do check them out.
This is floral with wisteria flower and white amber base.



High-Street Perfumes


 The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily 100ml

I absolutely love The Body Shop products, their cheap, the quality is great and it smells too friggin great! I got this bottle from the reduced section from £7.50 to £3.50 Bargain! Its a big bottle so even better. However this not a perfume, it is perfume body mist so slightly only slightly less strong than the usual perfumes. I spritz this all over whenever I go out, it has a very fresh floral scent.
It is a floral base with iris, white lily, orchid, papaya and fruit zest.

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit 100ml

I love love love this body mist! I'm literally obsessed at the moment. It smells so delicious I want to eat myself (not really). I used this and my mum kept complaining for spraying to much on me when I didn't. Literally two spritz and done. A little goes a long way with this too and the scent is really long lasting. It is a little stronger than the usual body mist but that's a good thing for us right. I bought this with my Body Shop card as my birthday gift, they give £5 voucher to spend on anything you want, so I bought this with an extra £2.50 on top and I don't bloody regret it. Its fresh, fruity and zesty. Perfect for summer!
This is fruity with extracts of pink grapefruit.
So far my favourite!

Victoria Secret Love Spell 250ml

I actually bought this from Amazon for £6.50 I was a little worried buying perfumes from online but since receiving this, it has not let me down. Its beautiful and so lush. Its fruity yet floral and smells absolute great. I love this for everyday, especially during spring and summer terms.
This is from the fruity family with Jasmine, cherry blossom and peach.

Next Femme 30ml

 If you're looking for a dupe of Gucci Guilty then this is the one. Initially I didn't know this until I sampled it, I thought this smells familiar and it took me ages to think which one them BAM! Its the Guilty. This is so decadent and elegant and for the price its an absolute bargain. I love this scent a lot, really reminds me of when I get ready for special occasions.
It is from the fruity family oriental base with blood orange, jasmine and vanilla.

Next Paradise Tropical 30ml

As you can see I've nearly finished with this one because I used this like everyday and this time I mean everydayyy. I was on the Next hype and this one did it for me. The above is more like my autumn/winter scent where as this one is spring/summer scent. Its very fruity and reminds me of the beach, hence the "tropical" lol. I'm not sure if you can get now because when I tried to research this I couldn't find it on the Next website.
All I know is its from the fruity family with white floral and green notes.
And that is it my lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed reading so far and stay tuned for more blogs. As you may have noticed I blog every Sunday.
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Stay Beautiful

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