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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Right lets do this! this post was requested by my cousin and I dedicate this to everyone who is looking for a cheap, drugstore option to start their makeup collection. I am not an expert at this or trying to market for brands or forcing you to actually go and buy the products I am going to show you. It is simply a guide from my own collection. I will share my thoughts on these products and of course the price ranges.


Here are my foundation which I use on a daily basis for work. These foundation has worked for me the same way high end ones have for half the price. I would definitely recommend these for oily/combination skin. For those with normal/dry skin, Revlon has the formula for this in their colour stay range and No7 cater for all skin types too.
Price range for No7 from £12.50 +
Revlon Colour stay foundation £12.99


I have three drugstore powders here depending how much you are willing to spend to begin your collection.
The first is Seventeen Miracle Matte pressed powder £3.99. This was my first powder I used for when I was out, it helped to get rid of shine and it came with an application sponge.
The second is Soap and Glory One heck of a Blot £9.00. This is a little more on the £ but its so worth it. Its fine and translucent, definitely one to get your hands on and you just got to have at least 1 product from Soap and Glory because their quality is amazing for drugstore.
The third is from Borjois Healthy balance pressed powder £8.99. Again this product is amazing and it doesn't give you that ghostly over matte look, this has a healthy semi dewy finish. However only downside it doesn't come with sponge or brush, just a mirror and powder. Very slim packaging for on the go.


I've talked about this product before so I won't go into detail with this one. For drugstore primer I recommend Soap and Glory One heck of a Blot primer £10.00
It is the perfect dupe for Benefit Porefessional primer, good for oily skin but doesn't over dry, keep pores minimised and a good amount of product in the package. Check this one out if your looking for primer.



This concealer is everywhere on YouTube. The Collection Lasting perfection concealer £4.19
I got this when I watched Zoella use this time over time over time, this must be a great one! I love the consistency of it, thick and creamy, and it blends like magic. Its great for under eye and blemishes and it has wide colour range for cool and warm undertone.

Eye shadow Palettes

Sorry for my messy palettes but at least their loved lol. These are my trusty drugstore palettes, first is Makeup Revolution Iconic 2 palette £4.00 this is dupe for the Naked 2 palette and its very pigmented. They have other range too and they are like mega cheap, I love this brand because the quality is amazing. This is an excellent choice to start collecting makeup. They second is the Sleek Original palette £7.99 again there are many range of eye shadow palettes to suit everyone. Its inexpensive and pigmented, bonus it comes with a mirror!


 I can't finish my face without a blush. It gives you that healthy glow and there are sooooo many colours. I usually stick to the pinks and coral shades. I have here a Sleek blusher £4.49 A neat little compact with mirror and comes in many shades, this blusher is bound to be in almost everyone's collection. Pigmented and choice of matte and shimmer, good choice! Second is the Borjois range, I bought two coz I just couldn't help it lol. Such a cute little pot! With a brush and mirror this is amazing for the price £7.99 Good for on the go. You can begin with this :)

Contour and Bronze Kit

 Hooray! For Seventeen!! I bought this straight away after I saw Dina Torkia use this in one of her makeup tutorial. Love it! Comes with an instruction sheet, handy for those who need a guide, and two shade for highlight and contour. The price £5.99 Comes in 2 shades light and medium.

We all need a bronzer specially in UK where we have like 1% of sun every year (dramatic much?). This one is from Rimmel (love that brand) cheap and cheerful, good quality and neat packaging. It is £5.99, great for the size of the package (its huge!).


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the shimmerest of them all. Highlighter are the trend at the moment and you can get yours from Makeup Revolution £4.00 or Collection Shimmer Brick £4.00. both are good and shimmery, Collection has a hint of blushes. I prefer the Makeup Revolution because it is very pigmented and gives you that strobe look, definitely worth hashtagging lol.

Lip liners, Eye liners and Mascaras

Oh look a few lip balms too! I love these lip liners, I got mine from Rimmel for £3.99 it is great for a drugstore alternative. The random black one is from Ebay, I have no idea what brand but I got this for free when I ordered makeup brushes.
Ok a bunch of these are again Rimmel. Priced from £3.99 I also added an Eyebrow pencil I think they are the same price, sorry if I'm wrong. I love these, they are so pigmented and cheap. You can't go wrong with Rimmel. Mascara is from Rimmel (might as well have a Rimmel post right?) this is their Wake me Up range with cucumber extract in extreme black £7.99 The funny shape black one is from Borjois however I don't know the name or price as I got this for Christmas, comment below if you know :)


The Nudes, Reds, Vamps and Pinks. These range from Borjois, Max factor, Sleek, Makeup Revolution, Revlon and Nyx. Price range from £1.00 - £13.99

And there we go, your Drugstore alternatives. I apologise if missed any products and if I got the pricing wrong, I am only human at the end of the day but I tried my best to make this post interesting and informative for you. I hope you have enjoyed this blog and definitely give these products a go if you haven't already. Again I'm not here to market for any brand or force anyone to buy specific products, this is purely based on my opinion.
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