Why can't we ever say no to shopping?!

Monday, February 15, 2016

It's not fair! I have made a resolution to spend less, eat less and work more, yet I still get tempted to buy makeup....... why Aki whyyyyy!!!!!

Ok so we got over that phase, now lets move on to my weekend at Brent Cross shopping centre. Initially I traveled to London to visit my nanu (Nanni) simply because we love her and we have a cool hang out with the family together. However I couldn't help myself when my auntie invited us to go shopping and not just any shopping guys, it was make up shopping. How can I say no to that? The testing , the new products and simply just ogling at the packaging of make ups(Carlotte Tilbury).

Rose Gold!....... everywhere!
Anyway so back to shopping, I loved the Charlotte Tilbury collection but found the pricing too high for my budget so therefore I went to my most trusted brand MAC Cosmetics, and I treated myself to buy my first bullet (HOORAY!). It was overwhelming as it was very busy but there I was checking myself out on MAC mirror and testing a gazillion lipsticks (cleaned btw). I wanted the Kylie look so I was looking for the perfect nude to go with my yellow Asian skin tone (and no I'm not from The Simpsons). That would be funny though if I was. So as I was looking around and I found the Velvet Teddy shade in matte formula, it was perfect for me. It had a pink undertone which suited well with my skin but when I asked for a fresh bullet they ran out stock (as usual). I was upset but I didn't give up so I went back to testing (again cleaned -_-) and found another shade called Persistence. This was has a brown undertone which I thought would be too dark and too brown for me but actually when I tried it on, my aunties and sister said it suited me better that VT.

Jus look at my new baby ~sigh~
Right now its resting in my bag but I am so happy with my first MAC lipstick purchase. It has the perfect formula, its matte and but not drying my lips matte and the colour is lush. Its very in at the moment, the nudes and browns. If there is anyone out there who don't own a MAC (my sister, cousins you know who you are) I urge you right now to get your butt to a MAC store and buy one. And to the world, spoil yourself once in a while :) 

So that was my exciting weekend, how was yours? Comment below if you would like to share. I would love to know :)

Let's look at Tilbury one more time, just because once is not enough LOL!

it just doesn't stop! I salute ya Charlotte!

  Thank you for reading and please share to your friends and family who loves make up just as much as I do.

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