So let's start with the base

Saturday, February 06, 2016

So let's start with the base!

Today, for my first review I'm going to talk about my favourite foundation, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, Real Techniques buffing brush
and vanity mirror from DuneIm
Now, this foundation is popular in the beauty world and quite a favourite for most beauty lovers. I can see why after wearing for occasions when I need something a bit more coverage to hide my imperfection and to actually stay on my hideously oily face! This does what it says on the label (finally!) it stays in place! For hours and hours and hours and you can forget the "fry egg on my face" oily issue.
Because it says "Double wear" most of us automatically think cake make up but actually this has really surprised me. It gives you full coverage but it felt like nothing on my face and it was a nice feeling (trust me-_-).
After hours of wearing this make up and I mean partying of course! This lasted for agesssssssss I didn't even have to blot sometimes because that's how long wearing this is. (I usually use One heck of a blot by Soap and Glory)
I would give it one negative point and that is you have to blend as soon as you put it on your face. It sets really quick and unless you want patches on your face then I suggest you get your hand moving! For blending I use the Real Techniques buffing brush then to go over I bounce with the miracle sponge, it works to give you that air brush look and I love it :D
So let us go over the key points:
Pros: long wearing, full coverage, a gazillion colour matching to suit every skin you can think of(LOL)
Cons: sets to quickly, doesn't come with a pump and sorta wish the bottle was bigger
bdw I forgot to mention the most important thing...... the bloody amazing packaging!! Its sooooo pretty and elegant looking, gives you an expensive look to your makeup collection instantly.
Anyway, thank you for viewing my pages and I hope this would encourage you to share and follow my blog.
Many Thanks y'all!


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