Febuary Favourites 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's that time of the month!!
So here we go, my first favorites on blog! This month I've enjoyed:
Mac Studio fix NC25
Soap and Glory One heck of a blot primer
Zoeva Graphic eyes liner pencil New Glance
Borjois Healthy Balance face powder
Real Techniques miracle sponge
Radix Feel gorgeous shower gel Coconut kiss 
Olay 2in1 cleanser and toner for normal/oily skin

1. Start of with Mac

Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
This has been my everyday foundation for months, sadly I've run out of this but luckily I have a spare bottle...(YES!) As you guys know from my previous blogs I have extremely oily skin, I give it 3 hours and I look at my reflection and viola! Shine shine shine! This foundation from Mac has saved my face, it keeps me matte for longer and doesn't break me out. It's hard to blend as it sets quickly but once it's on I don't see any dark marks such as discoloration and acne scars. It has a medium to full coverage which is what I like however if you don't like this coverage then I suggest you go for Mac mineralized finish for a more sheer cover. The studio fix comes in so many different color range and I have yellow undertone so It was easier for me to find my shade. It suited my neck very well although a little lighter but I know from oily skin my foundation always oxidize. I use brush and sponge deepening on the mood, but both way it gives an airbrush look. I love this soo much.  

2. Soap and Glory One heck of a blot

One heck of a blot primer
I swear to God this has to be a dupe for Benefit Professional primer. I love this primer! It's been my best one so far for my oily skin. I see a lot of difference in the longevity of my makeup when I wear this primer and the application is so smooth. It gets rid of shine and helps to minimize pores for an even application. It helps to give a smoother application for my base. I notice less shine hours after application and it just makes my skin look better, you guys know what I mean right? Definitely try this out, I recommended this to my aunts and they bought it straight away. I got this from boots for £10 and it was on offer buy 1 and get 2nd half price. BARGAIN!

3. Zoeva Graphic Eyes liner pencil

 Zoeva Graphic Eyes in New glance
Trust me guys when I say this is like pen I mean it. It is so pigmented,  I use this everyday for work and its the perfect colour for a natural look. I line on my upper lid close to my lash line then smudge it out with a small pencil brush and apply mascara, I smudge the left over pigment on my lower lash line and that's it! My eye makeup is done. This technique gives me a subtle Smokey eye look and it only cost me just over £5. Its cheap and cheerful for a brand like Zoeva and it's such a good quality beauty product. Definitely my favourite.
This is 1 application

 4. Borjois Healthy Balance powder

I apologise for my rubbish camera quality >.<
This powder is better than my Mac studio fix powder. That's right this drugstore makeup is better than my high end makeup. It has a yellow undertone and comes in different shades. It sets very well and doesn't give you the "cake" look, its the perfect finish to my makeup. Its very fine and instantly mattifies shiny areas, it also give me a healthy glow which I'm loving, hence the "healthy balance." I got this from boots however I don't remember the price, I'm sure it was under £10. Its a good product from Borjois and I'd definitely recommend this one over high end products (in my opinion). 

5. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Wow it looks so clean when in real life it's not (LOL)
This sponge has replaced my brushes, literally. I use this to blend my foundation it seriously leaves you with an airbrush application. I use it damp, I like the cool feeling in the morning plus it blends better. I've seen the Beauty blender but I wanted something cheap and cheerful, I got this from boots on a sale price for like £5 and thought bargain! At first I didn't know how to use it, I applied foundation on it straight away and it got patchy..... oh dear. But then I did research and the best application is to use it damp and omgosh what a difference it made. I love it! Only downside is the weird shape, can't seem to work it with lol I just use the round bit most of the time and pointy bit for my eyes and areas I can't reach, but hey ho it's still great.

6. Radix Feel Gorgeous shower gel Coconut Kiss

This shower gel smells gorgeous, I've been using this quite sometimes. The bottle seems small but a little goes a long way and lasted me for a like 2 months. It smells of coconut like literally coconut overload, it's so nice and bubbly. I apply this with exfoliating gloves and just scrub all over. I have sensitive skin and this hasn't broken me out in anything, I'm quite sensitive to soap. Its moisturising and leaves you fresh with a hint of coconut.

7. Olay 2in1 cleanser and toner for normal/oily skin

I have oily skin, prone to a few spots here and there mainly because I have underactive thyroid and PCOS. This has helped me combat those nasty spots when I'm due on my you know, I use this with a cotton pad after cleansing and wipe my face. I know it works to get rid of dirt because I see the evidence on the cotton pad, mostly dusts and bits the cleanser couldn't get rid off. I notice a difference in my complexion and am beginning to see just skin lol (touch wood). I finish my routine with Olay day fluid. My mum have been using Olay for years and years and people don't believe she's my mum, I best be like her lol! You know the young baby face. Ok sorry back to topic, so yeah I have finished this bottle and again this product is another "a little goes a long way" one. Oh yeah most important it hasn't broken me out and it's not so harsh and drying because it is alcohol free! Yay! I love it when the packages say "it's free.." of this and that rubbish, makes me feel better in buying it lol.
And there we go! My favourites of this month! What are your favourites? I hope you've enjoyed this blog :)
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Stay Beautiful!


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